Avoiding Culture Shock


Safety is our top priority. Our programs are designed for personal growth, but safety is the number one consideration. Program destination sites are selected with this in mind, and Go to Grow Abroad maintains both local law enforcement and political contacts in host cities. 24/7 help is available, including local representatives to assist in the event of an emergency.

Go to Grow Abroad and partners have over 30 years of experience in tourism and study abroad. Our partner institution in Pamplona, Ingenio International, hosts large groups of American university students from Clemson, Auburn, and other UK and Irish universities each summer.

We provide clients with up to date information and personal safety tips. Risk management is covered extensively in orientation and made a point of emphasis throughout the program, particularly in learning how to backpack.

Medical facilities are top notch in all program host cities.

Culture Shock Support

Where personal growth occurs! Part and parcel of the immersion experience is the phenomenon of culture shock. It is hard to describe some of the feelings that take place in the first few months of an immersion experience, but understanding that culture shock is a natural part of the experience provides peace of mind. 

A deep understanding of this phenomenon is an essential travel skill, as culture shock is an inevitable part of the experience. We understand healthy and unhealthy coping strategies and are uniquely qualified to help you successfully navigate the process.

GTGA requires gap year participants meet with the program director periodically to discuss well being.


Pre Departure literature on culture shock.

GTGA provides literature and discussions to help understand the phenomenon of culture shock. This essential information is covered in orientation, during the program, and upon program completion to help navigate reverse culture shock.

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